At Trophi, we are always looking to provide a sustainable service in line with the expectations of the owner, our customers and interested parties. We want to contribute to a society in which all businesses take ownership of their financial, environmental, and social responsibilities. Therefore, we have been working steadily with sustainability issues since 2015 – to live up to the vision of a more sustainable society.

We work regularly with our management team and maintain a steady dialogue with our tenants regarding energy and waste matters to ensure our real estate makes efficient use of resources and minimizes energy consumption. The electricity used by Trophi’s real estate must, therefore, come from renewable sources – and all lighting must be replaced by low-energy LED lighting. In 2021, we will install solar cells at five of our properties in Sweden as the next step in our resource efficiency efforts.

Since 2015, we have worked with the UN’s global Sustainable Development Goals. Based on these global goals, Trophi has decided that 100 percent of our purchasing must be made through suppliers who fulfil the requirements set out in our Code of Conduct. Furthermore, 100 percent of the construction material used on our projects must be approved by Byggvarubedömningen, Sunda Hus, BASTA or similar. We also work actively to reduce the amount of construction waste resulting from our projects.

Our goal is that at least 40 percent of Trophi’s real estate value must be classed according to environmental terms by 2023.