Our properties

Since 2012, Trophi has been the number one long-term choice of property partners within Nordic grocery retail. It has helped us become the Nordic’s leading real estate company for grocery retail – owning 274 properties in Sweden and Finland.

With properties in Sweden, stretching from Trelleborg in the south to Gällivare in the north, and across the bulk of Finland, Trophi is the Nordic’s leading real estate company for grocery retail. Trophi owns 275 properties – which together, cover more than 860,000 square meters in retail space.

Our tenants include the biggest grocery retail groups in Sweden and Finland. Our real estate portfolio also includes some of Sweden’s biggest commercial sites, such as Arninge Centrum in Täby, Bäckebol in Gothenburg, Boländerna in Uppsala and Tunapark in Eskilstuna. Property Managers Hestia, in Sweden, and Newsec, in Finland, are responsible for the management of our properties.